Academic Achievement


The Theta Tau Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the following individuals as the MVAB (Most Valuable Academic Brothers) for their respective regions for 2023-2024. Each winner received a cash reward for their hard work, and in recognition of their achievement.



Sean McCurry

Sean McCurry (Elta Delta)

University of Maryland, College Park


Blake Bence

Blake Bence (Tau Beta)

Southern Methodist University

Great Lakes

Ellen Pierce

Ellen Pierce (Epsilon Beta)

Wayne State University


Sebastian Castro

Sebastian Castro (Phi Delta)

Florida State University


Selina Yeung

Celina Yeung (Zeta Epsilon)

Stony Brook University


Josh Gould

Josh Gould (Beta)

Michigan Technological University


Sabrina Wilderotter

Sabrina Wilderotter (Psi Delta)

Boston University


Emerson Fleming

Emerson Fleming (Rho Delta)

University of Nevada- Reno


Shannon DePratter

Shannon DePratter (Zeta Delta)

University of South Carolina


Hannah McCollum

Hannah McCollum (Chi)

University of Arizona

The following is the full list of brothers who qualified for the Academic All-Stars based on their exceptional academic records.

First Name

Last Name

College or University


Kathleen Abrams University of South Carolina Biomedical Engineering
Haniel Alva The University of Wisconsin- Madison Computer Science
Nikoloz Baramidze Southern Methodist University Operations Research and Engineering Management
Blake Bence Southern Methodist University Mechanical Engineering
Ethan Besecker North Carolina State University Mechanical Engineering
Bhaskara Yashwant Bitra Binghamton University Computer Science
Aidan Braun Binghamton University Mechanical Engineering
Sebastian Castro Florida State University Chemical Engineering
Andrew Chang Boston University Biomedical Engineering
Tyler Crispell Michigan Technological University B.S. Environmental Engineering
James Decker Boston University Biomedical Engineering
Shannon DePratter University of South Carolina Biomedical Engineering
Brooke Dunkley North Carolina State University Biomedical Engineering
Mirina Enderlin University of Arizona Chemical Engineering
Emerson Fleming University of Nevada, Reno Computer Science and Engineering
Treycen Garton University of Alabama Chemical Engineering
Shree Ghosh University of South Carolina Aerospace Engineering
Jackson Ginn University of South Carolina Computer Science
Josh Gould Michigan Technological University Civil Engineering
Aubrey Hammis Wayne State University Electrical and Computer Engineering
Emika Hammond Boston University Computer Engineering
Carlos Handal University of South Florida Civil Engineering
Andy He He Duke University Electrical and Computer Engineering
Brice Joseph Stony Brook University Computer Science
Rachel Kayman University of Wisconsin – Madison Industrial Engineering and Data Science
Shamir Legaspi Boston University Computer Engineering
Jason Li Boston University Computer Engineering
Catherine Llope Wayne State University Civil Engineering
Brian Luckett Christian Brothers University Electrical Engineering
Aaron Marshall Marshall Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering
Hannah McCollum University of Arizona Chemical Engineering
Sean McCurry University of Maryland, College Park Aerospace Engineering
Hannah Mekaru Duke University Biomedical Engineering
Allicia Moeller University of Wisconsin-Madison Biomedical Engineering
Isabella Myer University of South Carolina Computer Science
Alfredo Navarrete UW-Madison Materials Science and Engineering
Jaclyn Ness University of Wisconsin-Madison Mechanical Engineering
Emma Pastor Goodingham Duke University Biomedical Engineering
Keith Pawlowski Ohio University Electrical Engineering
Ellen Pierce Wayne State University Civil and Environmental Engineering
Natalie Poist University of California, Irvine Mechanical Engineering
Michael Puchalski Michigan Technological University Mechanical Engineering
Robert Reagin University of South Carolina Mechanical Engineering
Jaime Rodriguez Duke University Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Navya Sangam University of California, Irvine Biomedical Engineering
Jacqueline Scognamiglio University of South Carolina Integrated Information Technology
Oliver Seymour University of Arizona Software Engineering
Diego Solorzano University of California, Irvine Electrical Engineering
Bailey Symington Michigan Technological University Chemical Engineering
Thomas Tran Boston University Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Urzillo University of South Carolina Biomedical Engineering
Jake VanOverbeke Michigan Technological University Computer Science
Arianna Velosa University of Arizona Computer Science
Lorenz Vios Northern Arizona University Mechanical Engineering
Zack Wagner University of Wisconsin-Madison Computer Science
Sabrina Wilderotter Boston University Biomedical Engineering
Timothy Wilson Clemson University Industrial Engineering
Ruby Wilson University of Cincinnati Biomedical Engineering
Grace Yaegel University of South Carolina – Columbia Mechanical Engineering
Celina Yeung Stony Brook University Chemical and Molecular Engineering
Tyler Zierer Binghamton University Mechanical Engineering