Academic Achievement


The Theta Tau Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the following individuals as the academic team captains for their respective regions for 2020 – 2021. Each winner will receive a cash reward for their hard work, and in recognition of their achievement.



Nicholas Testa (Eta Delta)
University of Maryland
Catherine Yates (Eta Delta)
University of Maryland
Grace Powers (Eta Delta)
University of Maryland


Jeffrey Huizenga (Phi Gamma)
Oklahoma State University
Warren Burrus (Mu Epsilon)
Baylor University
Taylor Casady (Zeta)
University of Kansas


Clarie Zhang (Epsilon Delta)
University of San Diego
Eloisa Kaye Difuntorum
San Jose State University
Colony of Theta Tau

Great Lakes

Gaven Zou (Sigma)
The Ohio State University


Adriana Sasso (Rho Gamma)
University of Central Florida


Ana Figel (Nu Epsilon)
Tulane University
Due to incomplete applications there were no winners determined for several regions.
In case of ties, Co-Captains were named.