2022 Founders Day of Giving

The Theta Tau Educational Foundation serves the academic and leadership goals and interests of the student and alumni members of Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity.

We are raising $50,000 to provide 50 students with financial aid.

Can we count on you?

Countdown to Founders Day of Giving!








Looking for ways you can help support Founders Day of Giving and the Leaders of Tomorrow?

We are looking for ambassadors to help spread the word about Founders Day of Giving.

A personal appeal from a friend or family member raises more money and brings more attention to the Fraternity. 

There are 3 ways to support Founders Day of Giving!


Donation Ambassador

Be a true hero to our student members and create your own fundraising page and share with your friends, family and fellow alumni about Founders Day of Giving! (Learn how to create a fundraising page here)

Social Media Ambassador

Help spread the word about Founders Day of Giving! Share about Founder’s Day of Giving on your social media pages with your own words.

Social Media Sharing

Help spread the word and share our social media posts for Founders Day of Giving to your network. It’s easy and takes only a few seconds a day to share.