Leadership Academy

The bi-annual Leadership Academy brings together approximately 200 undergraduate and alumni members of Theta Tau, the nation’s largest fraternity for engineers. During our three-day event we provide speakers and breakout sessions to empower fraternity professionals to build better, stronger brothers by bringing them together in one powerful event in service of our mission of Providing Educational Opportunities to Develop our Leaders of Tomorrow.

Student speech

The success of the efforts at the Leadership Academy depends fully on participation, involvement, ideas, and thoughts of the participants. Some would call that cause for apprehension, not excitement, but be confident that the decision to attend speaks volumes. The weekend is not only one of celebration of independence, individuality, and growth, but also one of teamwork, brotherhood, and leadership.

From the knowledge and understanding of oneself and others, attendees develop the ability to learn personally, to grow professionally, and to lead fraternally. That knowledge and understanding, uniquely available from the Leadership Academy design that you will experience this weekend, will serve attendees well in their personal and professional life as well as in Theta Tau endeavors. We learn to develop ideas, to test and to debate actions, and then to measure results — a process that you will duplicate many times in the years ahead.

The curriculum has been designed to capitalize on the opportunities before us and on the abilities inherent in each of us. In fact, it is most applicable in your fraternity life where others are most likely and willing to share in many of the same goals and ideals. Whether leaders are born or made has been debated for years; many still hold misconceptions about this idea. Leadership certainly is inherent in many, but it is just as certainly a behavior that we can each learn. The sooner we learn it, the greater the opportunities that will await us. Our challenge is to recognize those opportunities, those abilities, our opportunities, our abilities and to develop them, to nurture them, and to use them for the greater good of our Fraternity of Theta Tau — and to do all this with a Hammer and Tongs Spirit.

Happy students group