Leadership Academy

Due to scheduling commitments and feedback provided, we have made the decision to not hold the 2022 Leadership Academy event this summer. We will be working to schedule an event in the summer of 2024 and also reimagining the event for future attendee’s needs.

The bi-annual Leadership Academy brings together approximately 200 undergraduate and alumni members of Theta Tau, the nation’s largest fraternity for engineers. During our four-day event we provide speakers and breakout sessions to empower fraternity professionals to build better, stronger brothers by bringing them together in one powerful event in service of our mission of Providing Educational Opportunities to Develop our Leaders of Tomorrow.

What is Leadership Academy?

Leadership Academy is a weekend focused on the personal, professional and leadership development of the leaders of tomorrow, the current members of Theta Tau.

This four-day weekend challenges attendees to recognize the opportunities that await them and nurture their leadership abilities and use them for the greater good of Theta Tau with a Hammer and Tongs Spirit.

Attending the Leadership Academy is a great opportunity to learn and develop your leadership skills.  I know first-hand as I have attended Leadership Academy, been a breakout facilitator, and been one of the lead facilitators.  Each of these roles has helped me grow as a leader and been valuable to me as Grand Regent of Theta Tau, as a leader in other organizations, and in my career.

Michael "Supe" Livingston